Yaaaaaaay!! I went on the official Alien Ant Farm website and i got some info about Dryden! Remember! I got this info from alienantfarm.com! I'm taking credit for it at all! I respect that it is their information! I am just using it for people who might go to my site first! I am also using it as a reminder to me so i can't forget any of this important info about Dryden! You can get a link to the official site for AAF on the links page! They have a lot more info then i do! So check it out!
Name: Dryden Mitchell

Birthday: June 15, 1976

Favorite TV Show: Powerpuff Girls    hee hee! ^______^

Favorite Alien Ant Farm song: Attitude

Favorite color: purple

Hobbies: downloading porn......... lol!......reminds me of someone!!

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